Known and loved/hated/made fun of/hated for his overly long name, Giran Ridely Dragoon, the Wugzapanzermanathod, Light/Dark Materia Dragon of Darkness/Light means unnecessarily long name, among other things. Was attacked by two pigeons during 17th birthday, and pissed off Gigabane and Rei on accident, thus "earning" the title of "A Total Douche".

With as many good friends on the forum as he has been laid (still a virgin), Wugzapanzermanathod continues to post on AD, mostly out of boredom, regardless of other members that make retarded comments about me... er... him.

And 70, yeah.

It seems I was taken off the important members list...again... ah well. This place confuses me. I only want to be respected! Might as well take myself off the shamed list also (it's both or neither, and no one will care.)

I still say Gigabane overreacted, though.

Actually, I'm just joking. I'm not really important. Wouldn't it be nice if I was, though?

For posting A "screamer" I doubt that - afal

Hey! You don't just go around adding your name to the important members list! If you do that, it raises suspicion on who's really important. Don't do that. - Fat_guy1

Okay. Eveyone else is important on this list. Happy now, Obese-ninja,one? Also, I did accidently piss off Gigabane and Rei with the aformentioned "screamer" and thus was branded "A total Douche". And thus, I'm important AND shamed, like Bioten and Bup, but not as much.

Also unofficialy named Giran Ridely, the Wugzapanzermanathod, but I couldn't get my name changed in time before the purge. That, and it's massive... ---Panzermanathod

Since when was I important? Dipshit. ~Bioten

You see, there's a difference between being A Total Douche and being important. Like, a fucking huge difference. Familiarize yourself with it. --TDM

And, thus, the joke is missed. Besides, Bioten is important. People need someone to make fun of for no good reason, and that's where Bioten comes in.

Besides, I complement you and I get insulted? That's gratitude for ya'... ---Wugzapanzermanathod

Yeah....Sorry for insulting you all those times. You're pretty cool. ~Bioten.

I have high respect for you, as you're quite the punster. Keep going onward, you may outpun me someday! ~Prophet Wing