Origin Edit

  • Apparently Blade decided to make this a fad or something.
  • He chose this phrase because he saw someone post it all over YTMND in form of comments.
  • "...I thought I was stealing it from some guy on YTMND who used to post it as a comment in every YTMND site that was "Fantasy"-related..."
  • It was very popular, I guess.
  • After the fall of AD, it was discovered that the true origin of this phrase was BethanyM of GameSPOT (post GameFAQs/GameSPOT merge) and everyone was disappointed, but it left its mark.
  • At one point, internet superstar Jinx, at the time mod of the RP Realm, deleted an entire page of threads because AlexTrebek posted the phrase in response to each thread. Instead of doing something logical (like, for instance, nothing) in response to the harmless joke, he deleted all the threads on the front page, including legendary thread This Will Be Fun.

Also, I find this kinda humorous that alextrebek spread this to a forum and the newbie was all like 'wats final fantasy???'

Added for good measure. --Da Regulator 19:00, 26 June 2006 (UTC)