The Comic (UPSTATE!)Edit

The comic starred Lyster Desynic and his friends as they live in the town of Podunk, NY. The original set up was that both Lyster and his friend Chet were former adventures who retired to attend college. The strip ran over 80 comics, before the author's year-long deployment to Iraq killed its momentum. The strip effectively ended in 2005.

The Comic (UPSTATE HERO)Edit

After extensive re-writing, Upstate was relaunched with the name Upstate Hero, on March 19, 2013. While sharing much in the way of the characters of the original, the main characters 'former' life as adventurers became the strip's focus - with popular conceptions of heroes deconstructed as they were placed in 'real life' situations.

History Edit

Jack Acid made and owns this webcomic. Even with its irregular updates, Upstate! was the most updated comic in all of Animated Diversions, and the only remaining comic currently active. It even updated whilst the cartoonist was in Iraq, although that deployment eventually rang the deathknell of the incaration of the comic at the time. Overall, the comic has had a long and sordid history of starting, stopping, and restarting that has persisted for over a decade.

The most current incarnation is 'Upstate Hero', which began  March 19, 2013. Time will tell if this one sticks. At one point,  Rei was the colorist of the orginal Upstate.. She also made lots of fillers to supliment the spotty updating schedule. She is currently one of very few people to actually draw g

Upstate? more like NO ONE READS THIS COMIC AMIRITE? -Afal
Upstate? more like NOT UPDATED AMIRITE? -Afal