Tokyoffical was a Refugee forum for Pickle members that hated the strict new rules put into act by Gigabane. The TO forum was pretty much a free zone with no real rules. It was its overbearing amount of mods and admin that lead to its early demise...

The Tokyofficial / AD WarEdit


Tokyoffical forums(post-whipe).

  • Soon After leaving AD forums the members of TO soon started bashing on the AD forums and with a unknowning impact of a advertising of the TO forum on AD would have. A war broke out between the AD loyalist and the TO Refugees. Soon peace talks between Zack and Jack_acid started the end of the war as Rei also played a large part in the peace making. Soon TO and AD were on good terms and not long afterwards the member that original started the AD/TO war deleted the TO boards posts and topics. After afew days everyone moved back to AD forums as the rules were lightened abit by the whole AD/TO conflict.

(Edit: It was not Nanahara/Kiriyama who deleted the topics in TO. It was JaHomo...)


  • Owned by Kiriyama under the alias "Nanahara"
  • Bup(A admin of his own little section called "FYAD")