Wow he was a loser


Afal's Immitation:

Hello I am Tim... Wait no one likes me I'll leave....


But didn't Lucon leave ;););) ~Bioten Yes but only after his proxy shit.

Rei's summary:

Tim was a faggot who had extreme prejudice that he could not contain against Kero and he got all bitchy and pissy and PMSsy whenever anyone was slightly opposed to his opinion. So we all kept telling him to shut the fuck up until one day he made a but angsty thread "I DON'T CARE YOU CAN CLOSE THIS THREAD :' (((( YOU ALL HATE ME AND I AM SAYING GOODBYE TO MY RP REALM FRIENDS AND I HATE YOU AND I DON'T GIVE A SHIT EVEN THOUGH I AM MAKING A THREAD THAT IMPLIES THAT I DO GIVE A SHIT."

But at least he left.

Tim of Chaos Update

After leaving AD, Tim of Chaos is as still a loser. RP-ing at random forums trying to make a name for himself. This name will more than likely be shitty and a rip off from some anime on Cartoon Network.

Tim of Chaos Update

A year since his departure from AD, Tim is still a loser asshole. He lives on the internets and plays WOW and Guild Wars while he is not masturbating to Bishouji Sailor Moon