The no rules thread was an impressive experiment. Started by Da Regulator, it was a thread in the Pickle in which the rules did not apply. It grew at a rate of about five pages an hour, and spawned Ethan Fairweather's "Pictures of Lemurs" thread. Throughout the thread, there was much bashing of 8-bit_red mage, and it was funny.

8-bit pretty much ran the gamut of human despair as members, led by gir (then known as Special K), abused him. He went from passive-aggressively rolling with the punches, to being suicidal, to threatening members of the forum by claiming to be some kind of convicted murderer, to leaving, to rejoining, to making disgustingly bigoted statements in order to provoke his assailants. It worked, and despite having been posted in the "No Rules" thread, 8-bit was banned for this. The thread was subsequently closed, although a second "No Rules" thread was made later.

This was one of my favorite moster-creations. --Da Regulator 16:36, 26 June 2006 (UTC)

Hay guyse I posted in this thread too ;_;. -zero

More like "extremely shitty" thread, amirite? - Blade @ the original thread, multiple times