Anti duck

The Anti Duck

In the original AD, there was a filter.

Long story short, fuck = superduck.

I think Deebee drew a superduck, and Blade used it as a character in the "This will be fun" RP.

Rei: NO THAT IS WRONG THAT IS WRONG THAT IS WRONG >: (((( 100% WRONG SHUT THE FUCK UP. I don't remember deebee ever drawing a superduck but if he ever did it would be because Blade used it as a character in This Will Be Fun(I think there needs to be a page on it because it was awesome). Well, now that I'm done being pissy, I am not sure where Blade got his character from, but I always thought that he made up the character based on the filter.

Superduck was in fact not drawn by DeeBee, rather his archenemy was drawn by DeeBee. The original was courtesy of Blade. This aforementioned archenemy didn't have a name that I can recall. So now I call him The Anti Duck.. --Deebee

It was a Matt Wilson joke. Ask Gigglebane - Afal Haha shut up wait are we talking about This Will Be Fun superduck or the filter anymore : (((