Joined May,12 2004Edit

  • Kiriyama was and still is one of the most unwanted members of AD. At times he is a reasonable member (under other screen names) and at other times he is a stretched asshole.
  • The downfall of his membership at AD began with a Flame War between him and many other members in the RP Realm at AD. He was banned and ever since, he has been one of the most shunned members at AD.
  • After that incident, He created the Tokyofficial forums; the place of refuge for banned and other members who were tired of the directions of AD. Because of a Jackass member who deleted all of the posts and a imbalance in authority, sadly, the TO forums were abandoned.
  • He most apparantly doesnt care about the opinions of AD's members because he never left. He came back many times under the alias' of Meepo, Shinji, ForumTerorist, and many parodies of other members names.
  • He was never able to be banned because of his IP tracker that can manipulate any IP address.

  • When he was "Meepo" he was a kind member who helped out others and some of the members were surprised to find out that he was Kiriyama the whole time. To a debatable amount, people knew it was him all along. Of course, they didn't really seem to mind him. Since then, people havent payed that much attention to him because he seldomly returns to AD only to see if it still exists.

"Look the pot called the Kiriyama black"

"El tarro está llamando el hervidor «negro»!"