Dress-me-up Gir

Being envious of his nature as the robot cohort of a short-lived Nick Toon, so he struck out on his on, as an arrogant, disobedient e-brat.

Despite his outgoing irascitude and violent hatred of anything not Gir or Pickle-related, he is loved by children this nation wide.

One time, he even got kicked out of the High Score / Bonus Stage forum for pulling a not great prank. Howver, due to his lovable, cuddily-wuddily nature he won the hearts of us all, and we completely forgot that there had ever even been a High Score / Bonus Stage forum!


That P-H-A-T Mansion

Living in his lush palatial estate - known to only his closest friends as his Mom's house - he is sipping the daiquari of success one day hoping to revive his trusty counter part Johnald the Robot