Th GigaSkullX

Gigabane's '04 christmas avatar.

Gigabane was the first and last non-cartoonist administrator.

Supposedly he was made an admin to watch over High Score, but he decided to become an uber bitch and rule over the Pickle. (Made to watch over everything actually) Lots of people hated him (because they are faggots), but he was the only person we could turn to when we wanted someone banned.

Several members were of the opinion that he looked kind of like a bird, especially with slicked back hair, though it is believed to have been light-hearted.

He was first de-adminned while playing a real dumb prank with Da Regulator and Weird, Bacon is a Sin :'(, and Matt Wilson got pissed. This helped to weaken AD at the time of The Hacking.

He was later re-instated at the creation of the SMF forums (the dawn of AD's Silver Age) out of respect for his previous success at holding the boards together. Like Rodney Dangerfield before him, however, he recieved no respect from his admin peers, and quit adminship, then the forums. A living legend finally succumbed to oblivion.

Gig-Coat MafiaEdit

  • A group of Pickle posters, (Zack, gir, Weird, Bacon is a Sin :'( ) closely e-stalked Gigabane which freaked him out as they returned to AD oneday with pictures of him in there avatars and signtaures. The then acted as mobsters for a short period. This fad ended quickly.

fag cunt


Th WideSkull TheDon Grad2
^ Cubsfan was all like "What right do you have to change the rules" and I was like, BAM MOTHER FUCKER! :D

Da Regulator shots Gigabane in the head:


LOL GIGGLEBANE - A collection of odd/amusing messages that was sent to me from him over the years.