Born in michigan, montana, Michelle "Edge" Edgecumbe was born in the slough of a pig farm in rural indiana. His parents were highly zealous, and beleived their son was the second coming. As a child, Edge showed signs of pyrokenesis, but such rumours have been dismissed as superstitions launched forth by Michelle's parents. Accordingly, Edge's house's extended warranty association did not accept pyrokenesis as a legit form of arson insurance. This caused Edge and his parents to go homeless. After a week of urban outdoorsmanship, Michelle's parents sold him for a cow to a locale indianian crack dealer. Edge's parents beleived they could thrive solely on the milk from such a cow. The cow did not lactate without an infant, despite Michelle's dad attempting to trick the cow into thinking he was a child. The cow was slaughtered, the fur used for shelter, and the lower intenstines for a fashionable fur coat. The head was deep fried in grandma's premium sizzlin sauce. other whereabouts of the cow are unknown. Edge's life from there on fell into a tragic downspiral which lead him to a serious crack addiction, taking excessive pictures of his cat, and like hearing somebody shoot something really near where he lived. It is rumoured he spends his hours in the indianian underground, and has grown glowinthedark eyes and tentacles from the adaption of the indianian darkness.

sketch of eyewitness account