Da Regulator's Super Admin avatar: Animated to say "Evil and Loving it"

It was a dark and stormy night, and the fallacy was being quite pathetic. In a nutshell, Da Regulator pretended to go nuts with the notion that he somehow gained superadmin status, had Gigabane covertly ban a few people to complete the illusion, and went on a rampage with a vague hinting of a personal problem. It was meant to be a practical joke, but it took a turn for the worse when people took it seriously and complained in a massive explosion of threads. Word of these events got to Matt a few hours later, and Gig's powers were removed, while Da Regulator supposedly got a severe scolding.

More details from DR:

Gigabane decided to go along with DR's lame-o prank and letting other members into the loop, the conspiracy was set in motion. Da Regulator became a global mod and using some of Gigabane's banning powers, certain members were banned for a couple of hours. Then Da Regulator started talking about his girlfriend leaving him and while some sympathetic at first, it evaporated as soon as the "rampage" started. When Matt finally got word of all of that was happening in the Keenspot forum, he came back and set things straight. No severe scolding ever took place and Matt was actually pretty chill about the whole thing privately.

--Da Regulator 16:35, 26 June 2006 (UTC)

A few people were in on it, Rei and Zack and maybe some other folks. DR may have gotten the 'super admin' idea when Rei was telling a newbie the levels of status, and mentioned 'admin' and 'superadmin', because she had mixed up the forum ranks confused with oekaki ranks.

Even shorter summary:

  • Da Reg and Gigabane decided to play a stupid prank in which Da Reg becomes a 'super admin' and goes mad with power.
  • People were a little skeptical about it.
  • Matt Wilson got his e-mail spammed and became super pissed.
  • Gigabane lost his powers and Matt Wilson hates Gigabane even more than he always did.