Mod, hated being called a bluedragonchick, 'nough said.

Not really he didn't mind being called "Blue Dragon Chick" but one newbie called him that and he was like RAWASWWAWAWAWAWAWADEEWAAWAWAWSAWAWAWAWSAWAWAWAWAWSARAARRRARRR and the newbie was scared and then he laughed at the newbie?

Anyway his brother was Sonic who wasn't an important member so I won't talk about him.

Multipile Accounts Edit

(Note that I have put multiple like that because Max gets it?)

A lot of Chaos' popped up all at the same time and well I forget

most of the chaos' was called something00... well ChaosVII's first account


- Afal

he had only made his multiple acounts before he found out about photobucket. then later on for some reason the names were changed to chao, one for every level. -kill_me

Hey, how did everybody pronounce his name? Chaos six? Chaos VII? I always said it chaos vee, but I know thats wrong. -Mysnucks

I had said chaos eight.... and then only realised that there were only 2 "I"'s. - kill_me

Chaos 7 I said :rolleyes: - Afal

My retarded pronunciation that nobody cares about was (kay-ahss-VILL). - Fat_guy1

I always just said it 'chaos vee eye eye' or 'chaos vai.' In fact, I still do. --TDM

I was referred to the "blue dragon chick" since I posted in the same color as Chaos -Wugza Panzermanatod

I say Chaos Vy. ~Bioten