BLADE as in NOT REI made this thread. I don't remember much about it, though.

It was liked by a lot of people, of course, and I even pinned it, but GIGGLEBANE here decided to be a bitch and went "Nope sorry there's too many threads pinned already."

So it eventually sank and died.

- Rei

It had a lot of colors and italics and shit, so it was pretty cool. Blade started it, man, how long did that take? -Mysnucks

20 minutes, tops. -Blade

But I was sure that I made it what the fuck. >: ( -Rei

It was inspired by your member title text is all. -Blade

Oh :'( - Rei

Blade do a Wiki version of Bohemian Rhapsody PLEEEASSSEEE - Afal

What the hell no shut up Afal - Rei

:'( - Afal

Well apparently SOMEONE goes through the deepest depths of my photobucket. <3 I should totally put some /d/ stuff in there, man.

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