Bioten is seriously important. I guess.


"And now for the real biography thing. You see, a long time ago, bioten was a wee little Bonus Stage fan. One day, Zack made fun of his finger paintings in the High Score board, and bioten cried. Feeling cast out by the people of AD, he ran away to OMGWTF, a webcomic that never really existed to begin with. After about 100 posts, he joined the Charismaville Forums. After being accepted there for about 6 months, he then returned to AD one day, and had somehow become more of a flaming person than a bad posting person. So now, the majority of AD hates him with an EXTREEEEEEEEEEME passion of the Christ, but he is still not banned for some reason. Some say it's his Canadian accent."

- Fat_guy1 wrote this, Bioten edited this, and TDM re-edited this for accuracy.

I love Bioten none the less - Zack

But to be completely serious, Bioten is almost an Important Member, seeing as he's the most important of the shamed ones. - Fat_guy1 wrote this

Bullshizer!! Being a shamed member doesn't make you important. It makes you more of a Shamed member. Someone being more of a drunk at a concert than anyone else, doesn't make you any more important to the goddamn concert! --Deebee

While Deebee is correct, I cry at his spelling.

I have nothing against Bioten. And, as lard-man2 said, he is important. Actually, I said that first in *MY* wikkle section here. Ah well. I cry at the spelling too. Well... laughing...


I made him Important cause he is and anyone who says otherwise..I PITY THE FOO' - Zack

And now I have returned to shame. Oh happy day. ~Bioten

Aparently I'm not shamed anymore. When do I get moved to the "Important Members" list? ~Bioten

Still waiting on that Imporant Members list move you maggots. ~SERIOUSLY NOT BIOTEN