In the original AD, there was a filter.

Long story short, shit = badunkadunk.

Short story longer: Captain Awesome thought "Wow wouldn't it be funny if Badunkadunk was shit?" or something like that???? - Teh afal

Found out sometime in September that it's actually the name of a rap song by the artist "Twista"

Actually one day CA was using the word "badunkadunk" on the forum and the former forumer Nyx thought it was a funny word and filtered shit to badunkadunk. -half-Beard.

Edit By Giga: WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THIS STUFF IN THE EDIT LOG?!?!?!?!? ( I deleted it because it wouldnt let me post, something about a spam filter, but it was about lots of horse sex, and lots of links. *Barf* )

Also, after listening to Badunkadunk by Twista a number of times I've come to the conclusion that it means a women with a very large ass. Generally to the point that it's so large but so interesting that all the men try to 'get up in der'.